About Us

Matthew Cornwell
carl petro
Kassandra Rozek
jim apicella

Carl has been the leader of Brotherhood for over 35 years. He continues to make each event he books a success. He plays the saxophone, sings a very popular version of "Wonderful World" and plans the musical selections as well as meeting with each bride or event planner to assure that everything always goes smoothly. His ability to know what's working on the dancefloor keeps the party going all night!

Jim is a church organist and a high school music technology/chorus teacher. He can play any type of music from classical to rock and roll. His abilities give you the option of having an acoustic piano cocktail set that pours over with class. His voice covers all the oldies as well as some really nice ballads.

Kassie is a high school music industry/technology teacher at Union Endicott. She has been a member of the band for over 19 years as the first "sister" in Brotherhood. oh...and Yes! She has a ridiculous amount of energy!

Matt is a local freelance musician. He sings all over town and enjoys working on his own projects at multiple venues. He has brought a soulful and playful energy to the band. His youthful outlook has brought a whole new dimension to our song selections.